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Team Building Workshop - Competitive Advantage

Professional comedians and battle-tested chefs, Mac and the Big Cheese,  have created a powerfully engaging team building workshop designed to  refine your group's confidence, cohesion and ability to perform under  pressure.  During this intensive and innovative "working retreat,"  new  tools and communication pathways will be developed to secure the  competitive advantage your company's requires to edge out the  competition.  Delivered with the entertaining humor and culinary  excellence of the accomplished comedian-chefs, participants will grow  both as individuals and as valued members of a vibrant team,  By  the end of this competitive, uplifting and fun day-long challenge, your  company will emerge stronger, more resilient and unified than ever.        

Day-Long Workshop: Think "Chopped" meets "Apprentice"

Your team members will be required to bring their creative side,  memorization and communication skills, and collaboration techniques to  the table.  Egos will be asked to be left at the door.    Each team is given the same four ingredients with the same trivia  questions. Each question answered correctly will earn the team a trip to  a shared table of extra ingredients to use with their dish. Some  ingredients however will be missing from the shared table and teams will  have to SING for those needed items.     Teams are judged on trivia (using some work questions mixed with pop  culture), plating, taste, creativity and group presentation of the dish  and how they prepared it. The more outlandish, entertaining and strength  of the presentation from the group, the higher the points they can  receive. During the cook off, curve balls are thrown at teams by the  comedian-chefs to catch team members off guard and keep them thinking on  their feet.    At day's end following the competition, the teams will share their  recipes with others to eat and talk about their experience. The exciting  day of activities culminates with a boisterous, fun and delicious event  for everyone involved.    The core purpose of the team building activities is to accentuate each  individual's strengths within the team, facilitating opportunities,  tools and pathways to work together with creative problem solving and  clear, effective communication.     Nothing brings employees together like  food fun and laughter!  Book your workshop today, time is money and  competitive advantage has no favorites beyond the best!


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