Booking Info

"MAC & THE BIG CHEESE" (The Ultimate  Outdoor Cooking show) is a comedy cooking show that combines live  stand-up comedy and instructional cooking.  This comedy duo, Pat Mac “Mac” and Mike Faverman “The Big Cheese,” have over 27 years of stand-up  comedy experience between them, and dozens of years of cooking  experience as well.  They love to teach people how to prepare delicious  and easy recipes in a fun and comedic manner while people are in the outdoors, seen on their DVD series and newly published cookbook.  If you  are not laughing, you are learning at their shows.  This show is fast  becoming the most entertaining, hilarious and sought after show across  the country.

SHOW LENGTH: This is a 45 minute to 1 hour corporate-clean show which provides samples of food for the audiences after the show. See one of our past shows HERE.

NUMBER OF SHOWS PER DAY: 2 shows a day on slower days and 3 shows a day on the higher volume days.


  • Fire marshal permit and health department food permit will both be  applied for, paid for by the MBC chefs to ensure safety for each  facility and each event.
  • Two comedian chefs with 20 years of cooking experience, published  authors with 82 recipes in their first cookbook and a Tailgate book  coming out with 50 more recipes for people to pick from.
  • Wireless mics
  • Pat and Mike have been touring for seven years to large and small  audiences across the globe, their extensive show performances guarantee  an interactive and fun environment for people to enjoy.
  • Utensils, cooking supplies and visual aid for people to enjoy.



  • Six, 6-foot tables
  • Electricity for simple cooking devices, 3 electric outlets at most
  • Most of our recipes needing stoves can be cooked if the fire  marshal allows Attraction to use propane tanks and or coals so they can  cook in a Dutch oven, but a simple stove for cooking is fine if there is  a fire risk.    
  • 2 round-trip flights (Attraction will shop the least expensive fares as needed) 
  • 2 hotel rooms 1 – 2 days prior through the duration of the event and one day after.
  • All local ground transportation for the duration event.    It is  often easiest to supply a car for the duration of the event for artists  to use.   *Rental car and all gas costs.  
  • Two meals per day provided by buyer or a buyout of $100 per day to cover all meals for both performers.  
  • All food costs and supplies for all the shows for the event.
  • Shipping of all equipment to and from the event.

AREA NEEDED: A stage area of 15 ft by 20 feet to build a small kitchen.  This does not include space for audience.

SET-UP & TEAR-DOWN: It takes MBC two hours to set up and only 30 minutes to tear down.

MILES CAPABILITIES IN 24 HOUR PERIOD  MBC is able to travel by plane anywhere with a moments  notice.

PUBLICITY & VIDEO AVAILABLE: Yes, MBC has dozens of TV appearances for viewing and several other  videos including their DVD series for viewing as well.  They were  featured on NPR’s Splendid Kitchen and also written up in Motor Home  Magazine.

REFERENCES AVAILABLE: Tom Gaither former Senior VP of Affinity Events and show coordinator  for RVIA. (951) 567 3608. MBC has been touring with Affinity Events for  the last 7 years hitting all the major markets at their RV shows.

COST:  RV shows, Home shows, Boat shows or any other consumer show performance fee:

  • 3 days, $5000
  • 4 days,  $5500
  • 1 week, $7500
  • 10 days, $10,000


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