Camping and Tailgating are some of America’s favorite pasttimes; a time to relax & let go of the stresses that life dishes out.  Many people think of an   excursion into the forest or into the parking lots of the 'Big Game' as “roughing it,” of leaving the comforts  of home behind. While ditching the big  screen TV back home is part of the  outdoor experience, ULTIMATE OUTDOOR  COOKING leaves the hot   dogs and freeze-dried pouches of powder behind, in exchange for the  choicest cuts of meat, the freshest vegetables, and the most scrumptious fish. The good life, filled with mouth-wateringly delicious dishes prepared by the funniest celebrity chefs around! 

Comedians Pat Mac and Mike "The Big Cheese" Flaverman ("Mac & The Big Cheese") venture into campgrounds, tailgates and any outdoor setting around the World to cook gourmet meals for total strangers who become “cast members” and a live “audience” for the humorous chefs as they trade banter, cooking techniques and tips, and recipe favorites.  Mac and The Big Cheese share their knowledge and obvious love of food, creating a warm festive atmosphere for everyone to come together like a big family.  Food and laughter, memories and friends…the ingredients to a happy life.

Like Mac and The Big Cheese always say, Keep on Cook'n!

Each volume of Ultimate Outdoor Cooking will focus on a theme, such as a health menu for the many people who like to eat well and watch their diet; purely organic meals; foods from various cultures; historical dishes cherished by our ancestors; regional favorites; experimental concoctions conjured up by the imagination; spicy dishes; desserts; appetizers; breads and pastas…the possibil ities are endless with great food and even better company.
This one-of-a-kind DVD series is the perfect balance of instructional cooking and light-hearted humor that takes the kitchen into the great outdoors and emerges with a feast!   Ultimate Outdoor Cooking is a reality comedy cooking program for people who love the good life.

Mac and The Big Cheese (The Ultimate Outdoor Cooking show) is a comedy cooking show that combines live stand-up comedy and instructional cooking.  This comedy duo, Pat “Mac” and Mike ‘The Big Cheese’ Flaverman have over 27 years of stand-up comedy experience between them and dozens of years of cooking expertise as well.  They love to teach people how to prepare delicious and easy recipes in a fun and comedic manner while people are in the outdoors, seen on their DVD series and published best selling cookbook.  If you are not laughing, you are learning at their shows.  This show is fast becoming the most entertaining, hilarious and sought after show across the country.  This is a 30 to 45 minute corporate clean show that provides samples of food for the audiences after the show.

They have been featured on the Travel Channel’s - Exposed, TruTV's - Funniest videos (3rd place) NPR’s - Splendid Table, Showtime, Bob and Tom, WGN, featured in Motor Home magazine and much more.  They have performed hundreds of cooking segments on local affiliates ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and dozens of independent channels showing people how to prepare inexpensive meals that are not only easy, but fun to make while you are in the outdoors.

With their many TV appearances and hundreds of live shows every year their viewer-ship is estimated at 10 million a year. Cities such as Minneapolis, Denver, Chicago, Boston, Cleveland, Detroit, Kansas City, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Providence, Raleigh, and Wichita are just a few cities that they have performed and appeared on TV.  They have produced and released 8 DVDs in the last eight years and are now in discussion with several networks for their own TV show.

They are sponsored by and have been sponsored by several major companies including: Ford, Camping World, Magellan GPS, Good Sam Club, Trailer Life Directory, Emergency Road Service, Affinity Group and RVIA.
Pat 'MAC' grew up in Boise, Idaho working at his father's restaurant cooking and bartending. He spent summers in the mountains camping with his family and friends. After high school he became a comedian and has performed all around the country doing topical and observational comedy. In 2005 he decided to combine his three passions; cooking, comedy and camping into a successful career. Pat is also a comedy writer and has written several books including "Customers are Jerks". Pat co-created Ultimate Camp Cooking with Mike including the DVD series, live performances and popular cookbook.

When Pat is not on the road performing, he works with adults with disabilities and volunteers in his community. He is happily married to a special education school teacher and has three cats. He and his wife enjoy traveling around the world and camping as often as they can! (Can you tell that Pat's wife wrote this section for him?!)
Mike 'The Big Cheese' Flaverman is a nationally touring comedian who loves to perform and make people laugh anywhere he goes.  After receiving one of the great comedic rewards of being passed at the Comedy Store in Los Angeles, he has had the honor and pleasure of touring and entertaining great people around the country.  Mike co-created Ultimate Outdoor Cooking, the DVD series and live performance, because he wanted to combine his two passions, comedy and cooking.

Mike also created the documentary film Road Dog that chronicles the struggles and sacrifices of making a living on the road as a stand-up comedian. He did this because he wanted to show the world the incrediblely difficult road to success in the industry of stand-up comedy.  Mike really enjoys creating visually beautiful films and commercials to share with the world.

Mike has also created dozens of TV shows and recently created, directed and produced a one hour comedy boxing special starring the globally famous Russell Peters.

Mike is so excited to share their cookbook.  It was a dream of his to be an author of his own book sharing recipes and stories with the world.  This is a big time for Mike and he looks forward to what the future may bring!!!